Fish Head



Our boat builders share a passion for the outdoors, and the time they spend on the water drives our pursuit of build the perfect aluminum boat. The high-quality materials. The superb fit and finish. You can tell right away that these boats are built in the U.S.A. by the top craftsmen in the industry. In fact, the average Polar Kraft builder has more than 20 years experience. That's quality you can count on.


Formed aluminum reinforcement is spot welded to each lid to maximize stability and support.
PolarKraft FISHING
Our heavy-duty 18 oz. marine-grade carpet is the best looking, most durable in the industry.
PolarKraft BOAT
Paint looks sharp and durable too- standing up to water, UV rays and chemicals. its high-gloss finish comes from our meticulous "baking" process.
PolarKraft BOATS
Every available cavity is filled with urethane closed-cell foam flotation. It adds sound dampening, hull stiffening and extra floor support while minimizing water absorption that could add to the boat's weight- and it won't break down if exposed to gas or oil.
PolarKraft FISH
We use a computer-assisted plasma torch to produce exact cuts on each sheet of aluminum.
PolarKraft BOATING
Six aluminum marine-grade I-beams running along the boat's length are combined with transverse bulkheads to produce torque boxes throughout. That's Polar Kraft tough.

V- Hull

You'll ride high and dry with Polar Kraft's B-Force V-Hull with Torque Control Design (TCD). Torque control increases stability, sharpens maneuverability and accelerates on-plane performance at cruising speed.

PolarKraft BASS
Provide superior support and comfort, even at high speeds and on rough waters.
PolarKraft BAY
MarineDeck PTP, with a lifetime warranty, is a superior decking material which will not rot, bend or dent.
PolarKraft JON
Our coaming tops can handle any down rigger, thanks to extra durability from heavy-gauge aluminum construction, gussets throughout and the use of MarineDeck PTP as a backing.
Consistent hull performance is achieved by our torque box's longitudinal stringer system. it is designed for maximum support of the running surface by directing the load and energy across the complete under-structure.
The construction of our dual power bar transom counteracts the twisting action of the engine's weight and thrust, transferring this torque energy across the boat's entire hull.
Hull rigidity, consistency to the water surface and energy dispersion when hitting a wave are controlled by eight aluminum hat channel ribs tied to the longitudinal stringer system.

Four aluminum lifting strakes in the hull give bow lift, improving overall maneuverability.
Reverse Chine creates increased stability, faster on-plane performance and more responsive turning and handling.

Modified V-Hull

No matter what the water or the weather might throw at you, Polar Kraft's Modified V-Hulls will always run smooth and dry. With a lifetime limited warranty, you might even say these hulls are in a class of their own.

The custom molded helm console features a quick release windscreen which detaches easily and makes cleaning a breeze.
Custom extruded aluminum V-stem reinforces and protects our 0.100 all-welded hulls- and it provides tough impact protection for beaching.
No screws or rivets used for fastening - just 100% welding of aluminum to aluminum for many years of boating and a lifetime limited warranty on the weldments.

The gunnels are made from a heavy-duty aluminum extrusion which strengthens while it helps shape and reinforce the hull.