PolarKraft’s Aluminum CrossOver Boat line up offers the best of both worlds - whether you want to take the family skiing or tubing, or you want to go fishing with the kids. These tough aluminum boats ride great with PolarKrafts unique deep-V hull design, which has been providing PK customers with a smooth ride for more than 65 years! With a model to fit every family’s budget, the KODIAK series offers more bang for your buck. Featuring the latest LowRance™ electronics packages, incredibly comfortable seating, loads of storage and more, it’s time for you to get on the water with PolarKraft!

165 ES

Length (L.O.A.): 16'7"
Beam: 85
Max HP: 75
Approx Wet Wt:
Approx Dry Wt: 970
Fuel Cap: Portable
Person Cap: 5/4

165 SC

Length (L.O.A.): 16'4"
Beam: 85
Max HP: 75
Approx Wet Wt: 1678
Approx Dry Wt: 978
Fuel Cap: Portable (11 gal. Opt.)
Person Cap: 5

170 FS

Length (L.O.A.): 17'2"
Beam: 96
Max HP: 150
Approx Wet Wt: 2210
Approx Dry Wt: 1360
Fuel Cap: 23 gal.
Person Cap: 6

185 FS

Length (L.O.A.): 18'4"
Beam: 100
Max HP: 150
Approx Wet Wt: 2702
Approx Dry Wt: 1652
Fuel Cap: 24 gal.
Person Cap: 8

185 Pro

Length (L.O.A.): 18'10"
Beam: 98"
Max HP: 200
Approx Wet Wt: 2460
Approx Dry Wt: 1580
Fuel Cap: 56 gal.
Person Cap: 6

200 Pro

Length (L.O.A.): 19'10"
Beam: 98
Max HP: 225
Approx Wet Wt: 2812
Approx Dry Wt: 1912
Fuel Cap: 56 gal.
Person Cap: 6