The Polar Kraft Difference

Polar Kraft is the leading manufacturer of aluminum construction V Hull boats, Mod-V boats, Dakota and Jon boats. Polar Kraft has been a true American original for more than 50 years. From our very first 14-foot jon boat to the huge selection of nearly 70 tough-as-nails aluminum boats offered today, we have been dedicated to building with passion, pride, and unparalleled attention to detail. When you step aboard a Polar Kraft, you are surrounded by solid craftsmanship, industry-leading innovation and our promise of legendary style, structural integrity and uncompromising value. Every boat that leaves the factory will provide years of fun on the water for not just the original owner but also future generations when it's their time to take the helm.


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Brutally Tough Construction

Brutally Tough Construction

The fancy paint might impress people, but optimal boat performance is contingent on what’s below the deck. Whether riveted or welded, all Mod-V and V-bottoms are built with extra thick hulls, sturdy I-beam longitudinal stringers, and torque boxes- giving anglers solid platforms to cast from. 

Ask Polar Kraft owners, they will tell you they’re the driest, quietest, aluminum boats they’ve been on and we spare no expense on the amount of marine-grade urethane foam for our hull chambers because we value safety. Unique hulls utilize  reverse chine and extruded lifting strakes to increase stability, improve planing times, and optimize fuel economy while providing more responsive turning and handling.

Unrivaled Versatility

Unrivaled Versatility

Between multiple, creative layouts, designs, and boat functionalities, Polar Kraft will meet not just your needs, but also your desires. Are you seeking welded or riveted?  Are you looking for a large casting decks to target bass under docks or snook on flats? Or do higher sides from bow to stern meet your needs for  a little more “secure” feel on rough fresh or salty waters? 

We got you.

Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

Unrivaled quality is the hallmark of every Polar Kraft. We design and build our components in-house to assure the highest quality standards are met throughout the entire manufacturing process. We invite you to take a close look and notice the fine details and fit and finish- but also the functionality. Hit the water with piece of mind knowing your boat is NMMA certified and your passengers will be dry, safe and comfortable at any speed your horses max at.
Max out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We can help! Check out some of these commonly asked questions and their answers. Don't see the answer you're looking for? Contact our team today!

+ I would like to become a New Dealer for Polar Kraft Boats.

Polar Kraft is always looking to expand dealer locations to best serve our customers. If you are interested in showcasing the Polar Kraft lineup in your dealership, please email Russ Hafner at

+ Where do I get Information or Pricing on a new or Pre-Owned Polar Kraft Boats?

You should contact your nearest Authorized Polar Kraft Dealer for information and pricing questions. Any pricing shown on the website is usually Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) and may not be the actual price you will pay. Pre-Owned boats are only sold at our authorized dealers who should be contacted directly for their current inventory and pricing. Visit an Authorized Polar Kraft Dealer or use the Contact Form on the left to send a question.

+ Where can I get an Polar Kraft Boats Brochure?

The best way to get a Polar Kraft Boats brochure is to visit your local Authorized Polar Kraft Dealer and spend some time to see the boats on display while you are there. We also have our current and past brochures available for you to view & download. If you would like a printed brochure request one through the contact us page- CONTACT US

+ Can I Customize a new boat order beyond the standard models & options?

Polar Kraft Boats builds a vast range of floor plans with a large variety of deck & interior options.

In order to build our products to the best possibly quality, we unfortunately cannot provide OEM level customization at this time.

+ I'm looking to order a Part or Accessory for my Polar Kraft.

All parts & accessories should be ordered directly from an Authorized Polar Kraft Boats Dealer. If the part is not in stock with the dealer, they will order the part from our factory for you. Lead times for parts orders are typically longer during the peak spring & summer seasons. Include your boat Serial Number (APX.....) when ordering parts so that we can provide/build the correct part for your boat. Visit or call an Authorized Polar Kraft Boats Dealer or use the Contact Form on the left to send a part/accessory request.

+ I need to find a location to Service or Repair my Polar Kraft Boats.

Service, repair, and warranty work required for your Polar Kraft Boats should be performed by the Authorized Polar Kraft Dealer where you purchased the boat. If you are the second or third owner of the boat, find a nearby Authorized Polar Kraft Dealer or use the Contact Form on the left to send a service/repair request.

+ I need to submit a Warranty claim.

All warranty claims must be submitted to Polar Kraft Boats from an Authorized Polar Kraft Boats Dealer. Warranty work requires pre-approval from the Polar Kraft Boats factory. To start a warranty claim please contact the dealer in which you originally purchased the boat through.

+ I have a question or Comment for Polar Kraft Boats or Apex Marine.

The contact us page inquiries will be directed to your closest dealer. If you would like to contact Polar Kraft directly, please call 574-457-2082.


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