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Pete Patsalis, Guide, Bait Shop Owner, Polar Kraft Advocate
At just 20 years old Pete Patsalis knew he wanted to make a living doing what he loved- fishing, but younger men can’t swing an $80,000 rig to start off. The Marine City, Michigan angler wanted a boat that would be reliable and affordable without skimping on the good stuff.
5 reasons why I choose Polar Kraft by Captain Lance Valentine
For close to two decades, Polar Kraft has been my choice for tournament fishing and recently, full-time guiding.  I began fishing from a Polar Kraft in 2003, and this year will be launching my NINTH Polar Kraft.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see and ride in just...
Polar Kraft upgrades manufacturing equipment leading to better quality control, fit and finish, and production.
Since Chris Ganshorn took over as General Manager for Polar Kraft in August of 2019, he’s seen a drastic improvement in many things in the company but the quality of the fit and finish stands out as one of the most epic wins.