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Lance Valentine shares winter recommendations
Pro Staffer, Lance Valentine receives a lot of inquires this time of year from anglers seeking recommendations about making new purchases for their boats. Below are some general things to remember if you are looking to add or upgrade gear on your boat this winter.
It’s a “family thing” when it comes to the Diekevers’ and their Outlander.
“The Outlander is hands down a hunting and fishing machine,” they wrote. “The amount of room this boat has is insane when it comes to hunting and fishing. The floor space when you remove a seat, or all the seats is huge! We could not be happier with the versatility of the...
Banned- Garmin PanOptix , Lowrance ActiveTarget, and Humminbird 360 Imaging?
Forward facing and like-technology has been all the craze recently for the ability it gives anglers to find fish, see how they react, and ultimately catch them. Whether it’s Garmin PanOptix, Lowrance ActiveTarget, or Humminbird 360 Imaging, it’s hard to keep them on the shelves...


Lansing Boat Show

2/3/2023 to 2/5/2023


Aviation Mall Boat Show

2/4/2023 to 2/12/2023


Lake Sara Marina Fishing Clinic

2/8/2023 4:00 PM to 2/8/2023 8:00 PM


Columbus Fishing Expo

2/10/2023 to 2/12/2023


Grand Rapids Boat Show

2/15/2023 to 2/19/2023