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Thu, Aug 03, 2023 at 2:28PM

Multi-species angling, in a multi-species boat- The Frontier.

There are a lot of guides, and anglers, that just stick to “their” one species. They just bass fish.  They just walleye fish.  Muskie anglers, they claim all other freshwater fish are “just bait.”  But that isn’t Heath Malone’s philosophy.  Nope, when he gets clients out on his Polar Kraft Frontier, he’s going for anything from walleye to bass, to panfish, even salmon on big waters – heck, even on saltwater.

            “I just love introducing kids and clients to a variety of species,” he said.  “It also gives me more opportunities to help people catch more fish. Why limit yourself to one species- especially if that species isn’t biting?”

            Malone runs an Frontier 179 WT, which is the perfect choice for a multi-species, fish seeker.

            “Even though the boat is under 18-feet, it fishes a lot bigger,” he said.  “I’ve had this boat out in five-footers on Erie.  I’ve had it in the Atlantic. I’ve never felt scared on it, and I purposely go 20-miles out sometimes on Lake Michigan, because you never see another boat.  Plus, I like  to run it hard when I don’t have clients just to get practice on running it in rough waters.”

            Multispecies fishing is also appealing because he can educate people on species, they don’t always fish for.

            “I like to catch a lot of fish when I go, not always the biggest fish,” he said.  “I keep it basic.  If I take a group out that don’t fish much we will troll or do a simple presentation.  Maybe they catch a small walleye.  I’ll teach them about it and ask if they want to try for a different species.  If they want to keep going for walleye, then I am teaching them different technique from trolling, so they see new ways of catching them.”

            Aside from paying clients, Malone also loves getting kids out for free, like in the Jim (Moose) Carden Fishing clinic.

            “Moose has passed on, but John Martino keeps it going, and is responsible for it now,” he said.  “About 150 kids take a six-day class and then on the last day we boaters take the kids out for a tournament.  The sponsors really take care of the kids.  It’s a great time.”

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Multi-species angling, in a multi-species boat- The Frontier.
Multi-species angling, in a multi-species boat- The Frontier.

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