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Fri, Mar 31, 2023 at 3:19PM

Giant Sturgeon no match for the Polar Kraft Outlander

If an angler is going to go after a prehistoric looking sturgeon, it better be on a boat that won’t get bullied around by something that could weigh close to 200 pounds.  That’s why  37-year-old fishing guide, Michael Downey, of Wyandotte Michigan, battles these beasts with the help of his Polar Kraft 2010 Outlander. 

“I have been fishing my whole life, but it’s my fifth season guiding,” he said.  “I hit the Detroit River, St. Clair River, Lake Erie, and Lake St. Clair for the most part and my Outlander handles anything.”

One of the things that appealed to Downey the most was the track system for various applications in his guide business.

“With the track system I can quickly change out for the species I'm targeting,” he said. “ LiveScope mount, rod trees, tool caddy, rod holders, and even cup holders are all right where I need them to be on my boat. That's the beautiful thing about the track system, you can fully customize it to meet your needs on the water.”

            Downey is a big fan of Polar Kraft and has a few tips for people looking to purchase one.

“Make sure you're getting a big enough boat,” he said.  “I've heard lots of people say, ‘They wish they went bigger’.  I take five people out on my Outlander almost every trip and it is very spacious.”

Downey also said that a person needs to be conscious of the water he or she is fishing, in terms of how rough it can get.

“ I recommend Polar Kraft because I have put my Outlander to the test on the waters of southeast Michigan and I'm running my guide service in a boat half the cost of a brand-new fiberglass boat,” he said. “The performance is right and so is the cost. Polar Kraft has excellent customer service, and it only took a few months to have a brand-new boat built when other companies were saying they were backed up for over a year.”

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Giant Sturgeon no match for the Polar Kraft Outlander
Giant Sturgeon no match for the Polar Kraft Outlander
Giant Sturgeon no match for the Polar Kraft Outlander

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