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Wed, Jan 05, 2022 at 3:45PM

Nicole Stone and her Kodiak experience.

It was smoother than you’d think.

Many people likely know who Nicole Stone is thanks to her presence on various forms of social media with a combined following of about 90,000 fans.  She has been in and owned a variety of boats with most being deep V’s.  She needs a reliable hull that can bust through big waters like the Lake of Woods, or Leech Lake in Minnesota. Polar Kraft’s 15-degree deadrise, which helps keep the waves at bay, was just what the doctor ordered because on the big bodies of water Stone fishes, you either need a dry boat or some damn good rain gear.

            “I got into my Polar Kraft Kodiak last year in September,” she said.  “I can honestly say I’m super impressed how smooth the boat is.  I run a lot of big water and my body has taken less of a beating since I switched over to my Polar Kraft.”

            Stone loves nearly all types of fishing but admits that walleye angling is her passion and she often times makes huge road trips to get to the best walleye waters.

            “One unexpected thing I love about the new rig is the trailer of all things,” she said.  “I have had so many times where I broke down with a blown-out hub or something and I’m stranded.  The trailer has been perfect for me.  It’s tandem, pulls great, and the breakaway tongue is great for my garage.”

            Storage is another perk Stone was hoping for and seems to have gotten.

            “The massive center rod storage is awesome,” she said.  “I like to bring as many rods as I can because I fish a variety of techniques.  There’s always enough room for all my camera and fishing gear and of course- snacks!”

            When asked what her favorite walleye technique she took a minute to think.

            “Gosh I love them all,” she said.  “Rigging, jigging, trolling any of it.  I guess if I had to pick one it would be using crankbaits, at night, during a full moon on a clear body of water.  I’ve had some spectacular nights the water with that technique.”

Nicole Stone and her Kodiak experience.
Nicole Stone and her Kodiak experience.
Nicole Stone and her Kodiak experience.

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